The Route

The Atlantic Forest Trail is being implemented by several hands following the entire mountain range of Serra do Mar and reaching Serra Geral, between the Desengano State Park (RJ) and the Aparados da Serra National Park (RS) including many places of great potential for tourism and nature conservation. In the future it is possible that the route will extend even further, covering other important areas of the Atlantic Forest.

The route connects several existing and historical trails inside and outside protected areas and visiting some of the most famous Brazilian natural sceneries. You can now hike the whole Atlantic Forest Trail using rural roads or highway shoulders to connect some sections that have not yet been implemented.

On the map below, explore the trail’s route!

Guidelines for using the map

    1. On the map you can view the entire route, the type of surface of each section and check if the section is signaled with the arrows of the Way or with another type of signaling. The map also includes information about the main attractions and about the project partners that provide tourism services. Give priority to partners who support voluntary actions and often offer discounts to walkers.
    2. Clicking on the stretches of the trail, partners, attractions or in the Conservation Units you can get more information about each element, including names, contacts, bird lists, available recreational activities, among others.
    3. Please contribute to the construction of this map by sending corrections and suggestions to (use Online Map in the subject).
    4. Access the map also in full screen through the link.

Last update: March 2024.