Research and Conservation

The Atlantic Forest Trail is not just for people.

The proposal of the Research and Conservation Component is to identify priority areas for the protection and recovery of ecological corridors along the trail, including Serra do Mar and Serra Geral.

Partner researchers are forming a network of experts to propose and carry out large-scale monitoring actions along the entire trail, which may indicate effects of climate change along the latitudinal and altitudinal gradients. The movements of medium and large mammals among the large remnants also help to identify where fauna corridors still exist and where it is necessary to recover the forest. Measures such as the protection of springs and riparian forests, encouraging the recovery of areas of legal reserve or the implementation of agroforestry systems can be local solutions to a problem that threatens the entire biome.

By mobilizing researchers, volunteers and local authorities, the Caminho da Mata Atlântica can be an important conservation tool.

Help to monitor you too, be a citizen scientist and protector of the Atlantic Forest